Proof Teen Leakproof BoyShort - Moderate

By Proof



Life doesn’t stop just because of your period (we know, sort of unfair). So, Proof has designed The Boyshort with invisible protection, so you can keep your panty's super powers under wraps. The Boyshorts are particularly great for active days that keep you go-go-going while your period is also in full swing. They hold up to three pads’ worth of absorbency, which make them perfect for sports, sleeping (and sleep overs)—or any activity on regular to heavy flow days without the worry.

Great for:

  • Buttery soft fabric
  • Leak-Loc™ absorbent core
  • Quick-drying technology

The Boyshort’s thin, flexible Leak-Loc™ technology comfortably hugs the body to move with you and keep you protected. Holds 3 regular tampons or liners.