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Welcome to Fashion Foundations, where we believe that confidence and comfort go hand in hand. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to create a space where every individual feels empowered, beautiful, and comfortable in their own skin, embodying the mantra of 'Your Shape, Your Fit'.

At Fashion Foundations, we understand that lingerie is more than just fabric and lace—it’s a reflection of your personality, your mood, and your unique sense of self-expression. Whether you’re seeking everyday essentials or luxurious pieces for special occasions, we’re here to help you find lingerie that not only fits impeccably but also makes you feel fabulous from the inside out. As a team of lingerie enthusiasts, we set out to curate a diverse collection that caters to every body type, style preference, and occasion.

Prima Donna

Where luxury meets comfort. Elevate your style effortlessly. Experience elegance and sophistication redefined.

What We Do


We recognize lingerie as more than mere fabric and lace-it mirrors your personality, mood, and individual expression. Whether you’re seeking everyday essentials or luxurious pieces, we’re here to help you find lingerie that not only fits impeccably but also makes you feel fabulous from the inside out. We've carefully curated a diverse selection to cater to all body types, style inclinations, and occasions.


Indulge in blissful comfort with our luxurious sleepwear collection. Crafted from the finest fabrics, our pajamas and loungewear are designed for ultimate relaxation. Elevate your bedtime routine with softness and style. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication – because every night deserves a touch of luxury.


Embrace your beachside glamour with our exquisite swimwear selection! Dive into confidence with our diverse range, from vibrant bikinis to sleek one-pieces, designed to flatter every body type. Crafted from premium fabrics, our swimwear ensures both style and comfort, making every splash a statement!

Post Mastectomy

Indulge in comfort and confidence at our lingerie boutique, proudly registered with BC Pharmacare. Specializing in post-mastectomy fittings, we offer expert guidance and a caring touch.

Wide Size Selection

Explore a diverse array of intimate apparel at our boutique, boasting an extensive size range. From lingerie to sleepwear and swimwear, discover sizes XS to 4X, with cups spanning AA to N and bands from 28 to 52. Embrace comfort and style tailored to every body.

Expert Bra Fitting

Benefit from over 45 years of collective expertise in bra fittings at our boutique. We're dedicated to finding YOUR perfect fit, ensuring comfort and confidence with every wear. Trust our reputation as the ultimate destination for exceptional service and lingerie expertise.

From the people
From the people
It’s an absolute pleasure shopping in this store. The staff is incredibly knowledgable about fit, care of garments and their stock. The personalized service is just not something you experience anywhere else. The staff is so kind! The range of sizes is excellent. For years I’ve been travelling 2.5 hours to shop at this store, and every time I leave I am extremely happy with the service I’ve received and the products I’ve purchased. Highly recommend!
— Google Reviewer
From the people
I have been shopping at Fashion Foundations for 30 years. They always find the perfect fit. When I realized that my daughter was going to be big breasted woman, I took here to FF. For her very first bra fitting. She continues to shop there 15 years later
— Google Reviewer
From the people
Thanks for helping a first time customer. The support from the two ladies who helped me was awesome and mutch appreciated This is a great store with true professional staff🌷
— Google Reviewer

Our store

If your bra does not fit, it is time to visit the professional fitters at Fashion Foundations!

Spall Plaza, 118-1950 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC

Give Us A Call: 250-763-1473

Email: karen@fashionfoundations.ca

Hours: Tues-Sat: 9:30am - 5:30pm

For all bra fittings, we recommend being in store prior to 5:00pm to ensure we have the time to get you the proper fit