Santa Maria Panty Swim Bottom

By Amoena

  • The Santa Maria Bikini Panty showcases a classic polka dot print, adding timeless elegance to your swimwear collection.

  • Crafted from recycled polyester, the main fabric embodies eco-friendly fashion for a stylish and responsible choice.

  • Offering excellent UV protection, the bikini Panty ensures optimal care for sensitive skin and scars, making it ideal for sun-soaked adventures.

  • The bikini Panty features opaque lining in the front and back, providing increased opacity and coverage for a modest and confident appearance.

  • Designed for comfort, the Santa Maria Bikini Panty combines style with a comfortable and flattering fit, ensuring confidence in every splash.

  • The supportive inner construction includes integrated bilateral pockets and soft padded cups, securely holding breast prostheses while concealing any unevenness.

  • With its classic polka dot design and thoughtful features, this bikini Panty seamlessly blends style and versatility for various beach or poolside occasions.

  • Offering a perfect balance of fashion and function, the Santa Maria Bikini Panty lets you confidently enjoy your swim while making a sustainable and stylish statement.