Cozumel Pareo

By Amoena

  • The matching pareo in a bright pink placed design completes your beach look with effortless style.

  • Experience a smooth and breathable feel on your skin with the soft transparent optic fabric of the pareo.

  • Effortlessly coordinate the pareo with any swimwear piece within the Cozumel collection, or mix and match with your own favourites - the choice is yours!

  • Stand out with the vibrant and elegant bright pink colors of the pareo, adding a pop of sophistication to your beach ensemble.

  • The placed design adds a trendy and stylish element to the pareo, ensuring you make a statement by the pool or on the beach.

  • Enjoy the convenience of a lightweight and packable pareo, making it an ideal travel companion for your beach vacations.

  • Whether you drape it over your shoulders or tie it around your waist, the pareo offers versatile styling options for various beach occasions.

  • Beyond the Cozumel collection, the pareo seamlessly blends with your personal swimwear style, allowing you to express your unique fashion sense.