Alessia Wire Free Post Mastectomy/Pocketed Bra

By Amoena


Indulge in luxury with the Alessia Wire-Free Bra, a harmonious blend of lace, elastic patterned satin, and soft microfibre. Its breathable, temperature-balancing pockets, decorative adjustable straps, and versatile wearing options make it a comfortable and stylish choice. The small clips on the straps allow for various wearing styles, including neckholder, straight, or crossed. The soft padded back closure enhances overall comfort, ensuring a lavish experience with every wear.

  • Alessia Wire-Free Bra seamlessly combines luxurious lace, elastic patterned satin, and soft microfibre for a harmonious and opulent design.

  • Featuring pockets made of breathable, temperature-balancing microfibre material, the bra ensures comfort and all-day freshness.

  • Small clips on the straps provide different wearing styles, allowing versatility with options like neckholder, straight, or crossed for a personalized fit.

  • Decorative and comfortable, the elastic straps are length-adjustable, ensuring a customised and supportive fit.

  • Thanks to the small clips on the straps, the Alessia Bra offers multiple wearing options, enhancing its versatility and style.

  • Soft padded back closure enhances overall comfort, adding an extra layer of plushness to the wearing experience.

  • Alessia Wire-Free Bra not only prioritises comfort but also boasts an elegant design, making it a sophisticated addition to any lingerie collection.

  • Experience the highest quality in craftsmanship and materials, reflecting the brand's commitment to delivering premium lingerie for unparalleled comfort and style.